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Looking for an antique looking frame?

Decorating with posters, turn any image into a poster.

Decorating with Themes in Mind.



  with Photos

Some designers will say, never use photos to decorate with.  They probably say this because photos almost always need to be reworked.  Using them as they are, is usually is a eye sore no matter how much you love them.  With that said, there is a whole industry devoted to framing your photographs so they will look their best.  What they don't tell you is that your photos will need some work to look as beautiful as the ones they display in their products.  If you like a particular photo-gift, buy it and bring your photos to us, we will do the rest!



Some designers will work with you if you insist on displaying your photos and the secret is no mystery.  So that you photos don't have the appearance of clutter.  Make sure they all share a common element.  That may be the same size or the same color matt or frame style.  A grouping with the same theme will work. This concept applies to scrapbooks too. 

The following photos were all given the same sepia tone.  They were all enlarged or reduced to be either 8x10 or 5x7 and one 11x14.  All were cropped to fit a standard size they needed to be to fit into this scheme.  This client placed them in frames and matts that complimented an African decor and displayed as a group.  Here are two samples of photos having continuity.

Sample #1

Originals First...


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These are the first 2 photos again with similar frames but different matts for individuality, you could stay with the same mattes if you like. The 3rd photo is a 5x7 and the frame remains an 8x10 to keep the continuity.


Sample #2

These are the originals, yellow, dark and damaged.




These are restored only. Meaning the damage of yellowing has been removed or color corrected.  The damage of darkening over time has been enhanced and damage of tears wrinkles or stains have been removed. Also standard sizes achieved.



Colorizing photos from a black and white era is a preference, not everyone cares for it.  It depends on what you are trying to achieve with them. It also depends on how much money you want to spend and what's it worth to you to see them in color.  These are restored and colorized.  It's important that they be colorize at the same time so that the color of the three match as a group.



More on the topic of Colorizing, scroll up the left margin and click on "Colorizing".



Collect a subject you enjoy, restore them and group them together like these baby photos.

This sample is how they would appear in their original size together in a square space.






This is a sample of a grouping in a square space with photos resized to correspond with each other.  

You can custom fill any space with this concept. Let us know your space dilemmas to see how we can help.





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Decorate with your Ancestors


Even if you don't need restoration of your family photographs you may consider colorizing and enlarging them to decorate with, making a great conversation piece. 












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This another example of continuity.  Reducing, enlarging and changing color makes these photographs work.

Make them all the same size or the same color then apply the same frame work.





Creating a poster is a fun and a creative custom gift. 

When you think of poster you normally think of kids putting up posters of the latest rock band. Think out of the box. Catch or ask your favorite person to pose for you doing something they love and we'll change the background to the appropriate theme. The image on the right is the original.






Send us any image you love via, email, mail or in person and let's talk about what you would like to do with it.  We can come up with the right saying for the occasion or event. 



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Victorian Frame Shop

Decorating with Photographs you need a good frame shop.  Most neighborhood shops are extremely expensive.  We searched found this found this one.  Once you go there, please don't forget we're the best for restoration!.

Not only is it wholesale but it offers, convex glass and all the sizes you could want in the shapes you see here. A 16x20 convex glass is only $125. last time we checked, check it out.


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Decorating with Themes in Mind


Sisters Theme

This is a triangular photo pencil box. All you have to do is slip in or just cut the photos to fit, right? You go home and every photo you thought of while at the store doesn't work.  So you cut them and it just doesn't look as nice as the photos that came with it.  That's because those photos were created just for that item.  

This first photo was an 8x10 and was reduced to fit position #1



 The second photo was a 5x7, made to fit position #2

Now you can go ahead and buy that item you liked so much, then bring the item and the photos you want in them and we will make it work.  




This image was a 4x6 and was crop to fit position #3.


To plan for that personal custom gift all you need is the following:  

#1. Choose a theme.

#2. Choose the photos you want.

#3. Bring the gift and the photos to us.


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Making Photos Fit Any Photo Display Items

Before  photos

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or keep scrolling down

This TV remote and magazine stand is now part of the decor and not just a utility box.



Beyond Restoration

If you have old photographs, why not do something with them.  Make thank you cards or gifts with them. See "Custom Gifts".


if you have photographs of interest and by that we mean exceptionally cute or pretty and of babies/children, old fashion weddings, animals in funny clothes let us recreate them.  

If you allow us to use your recreated image, we will give you the recreation, print and electronic file, free of charge.

Restoration is fixing damage, upgrading or special effects, is altering an image creatively.

Take this photo example, it's unattractive or plain. Change the background and colors to compliment the room or wall where it will be displayed.  



You can't see the color very well here because they are light pastels of yellow and pink and the image is also too small.







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