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Some of the links below, jump to items found throughout the entire site, then there are links that are of specific interest to Genealogist, like the Victorian albums, and Photo Dating, that can only be navigated to and from this page. We separated the two sections because of the overwhelming information that would exhaust the general public that are just looking for general restoration information.


 If there are any related topic or ideas for this section, you think we should include here  just let us know. and we may research it for you.  This site is constantly evolving, and being re-evaluated for accurate information. Please tell us if there are any discrepancies.  We understand that you enjoy the hunt for information that may lead you to that next great find, so now, for your reading and viewing pleasure, here is your corner of our site. Enjoy!




This site is always under construction, mostly the photo dating topics. If you are interested in getting an e-mail letting you know when updates have been made just e-mail us with the subject matter "Website Updating Interest".    







Jamboree will be held Friday June 3rd through Sunday June 5th, 2016 in Burbank, California

The largest genealogy event on the West coast. 


If you missed it, count on it being about the same time every year and come back for an update. 


Photos Made Perfect will be there  FRIDAY June 3rd and June 4th SATURDAY only

Don't forget to bring your photos for a free quote and onsite scan.



For those of you new to genealogy, this is a must see event! You can't see it all in one day. 

Genealogist make a mini vacation of  it while learning, researching and have fun doing it!









Starting 2014 we are offering free photo scanning at the Jamboree!


(5 photos per person limit, size limit 9x12 must have your own memory stick)

 Photo Dating:




History of Photography Methods

(by physical properties) 


Photo Dating by Fashions

(Fashion Terms and Samples )



Other Methods 

(Miscellaneous items found in photographs)

Vintage wallpaper

Photographer Props


Photo Dating Service

(Don't have the time or desire to date your photos? Give us a call!) 





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Genealogy Societies

Historical Societies

Ladies Clubs

  Photos of Events & Genealogy References


PMP Genealogy 

 Bulletin Board

 e-mail us to post a message. Great exposure for like minded genealogist.. Have your images posted as thumbnails so your relatives can see and reorder copies.

Some clients use this section for their relatives to view and order prints from us. This is a very generous offer, since they already paid for the restorations and the relatives just pay for their copies. 


The Value of Photographs




Don't miss seeing what we can do with "Documents", even if you don't have one for restoration you can see and tell a friend of the possibilities.  Same goes for newspaper clippings that become brittle.
We have had many request to make thumbnails for use in genealogy software. This may be something you would like to know more about.

Genealogy Specific Photo Needs, Wants, Tips and Tricks

Scanning Services



Research Credits and Links - Link with Us, Free!


Lost and Found Photographs Identified


Eight Victorian Photo Albums and Individual Images 


Not just for finding photos of a relative but also good for Photo Dating photos you have.




Custom Gifts for Heirlooms




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Photo Dating Service


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It's a huge mistake to choose a restoration service based on price or distance from your home alone.


Compare apples to apples.

(read pros and cons of each)







Image Editing

Price Wars 

(a must read!)

Lets talk about a photo restoration costing only $29.99. The old adage,

"You get what you pay for" still applies.



Bulk Rates



Custom Gift Ideas

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Before and After Military Restorations






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