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  Did you know there are lyrics to the song "Taps"?...very touching , Click Here!

The Navy's worst peace time disaster on the gunboat USS Bennington in 1905. If you love military history you won't want to miss this event.  It is sponsored by the Sons of the American Revolution and the descendents will be there.  Please click here  to read more about it.  


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Words can not express how we feel about 

our service men and women.


Photos Made Perfect

 will restore photos of military subjects,

 for 50% off any image  8x10 and under, because we appreciate our troops. 


All you have to do...

 is tell us you saw the discount on our "Military Tribute" of our site.




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Restored Portraits

Newsprint, magazines, Xerox copies can all be restored.

Army Civil War - 1861-1865

Civil War Discharge Document

World World I  1914 -1918

US Air Force WWII 1935-1945

Navy WWII 1935-1945 Force

Army Air Force 1943

Army Vietnam  1959-1965

US Army  1930

Army Korea 1939

Submarine Force 1936 San Diego

Marine Corps - USS Howard 1952 - 1967 

(Purple Heart Award to Staff Sergeant Jimmy E. Howard)




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Restored Portraits

Newsprint, magazines photos, Xerox copies can all be restored. Even with the discount this type of restoration can be pricey, about $150 - $200.



Kept in a wallet for years and fading, this photo was color corrected, enlarged to an 8x10.  Now proudly displayed.


July 19, 2008 

Rosecrans Memorial Cemetery in Point Loma for the crew of the gunboat USS Bennington Dead of July 21, 1905. Sponsored by the Sons of the American Revolution. To see photos and comments from last year, click here.  Meet and speak to the decedents there and learn more.  

Civil War cabinet card.


Tintype in a union case. You know it's a tintype if a magnet sticks to it. See "Photo Dating".





See "My Activities in Vintage Clothing" for Civil War photos in 2008.



Civil War Discharge 


Papers submitted by Doug Miller of the Southern California Genealogy Society














Army Civil War - 1861-1865 

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WWI 1914 - 1918 

Submitted by Nancy Carlsberg

US Air Force WWII (1935-1939)   

Circa 1930's, enhanced both




Harold D. Singleton










Submitted by Charlene Singleton

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Navy WWII (1935-1945)

Circa 1948, special effects and enhanced

Scanning newspaper and reprinting them on archival quality photo paper is one way of preserving it.

Army Air Force 1943

Army Vietnam 1959 - 1965

Circa 1960s - removed writing and enhanced.


Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. 

zooming in and enlarging, makes it better, could remove the people too..

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US Army 1930 

Reginald "Reggie" Skilling


US Navy, Gulf War

Circa 2003, special effect

Removed the large black arm in the way.



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US Army, 1930's

Korea 1939

Take the fading color way and enlarge.

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zoom of the right corner "title"


7" x 36" original photograph


Submarine Force March 1936 San Diego

If the photo is clear, you can zoom in and get this results. 


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US Marine Corps

The following military photographs of Jimmie E. Howard, were submitted by USS Howard, 32nd St. San Diego California.  

It is typical of photos of this era, size 8x10, to not really be an 8x10 because of the white border.  We make them a true 8x10 standard without the border. Colorizing them to be of the same sepia tone, makes a uniform appearance when displayed together. It is not easily visible here that lightening them a bit also brought out more details. The differences are not extreme but we thought you would enjoy seeing them.

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02 above and 03 below - Washington D.C. Gunnery Sergeant Jimmie E. Howard receives the Medal of Honor from President Lyndon B. Johnson on 21st of August 1967.  Mrs. Theresa Howard and family. Defense Dept. Photo (Marine Corps) A414453

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05 Vietnam June 16, 1966. Major General Lewis J. Fields, Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, presents the Purple Heart Award to Staff Sergeant Jimmy E. Howard at the 1st Medical Battalion.  SSgt. Howard has been recommended for the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Defense Dept. Photo (Marine Corps) A369188
Read about it...
06 Nov. 14, 1952. Iowa Marine Decorated – Marine Corporal Jimmie E. Howard, Husband of Mrs. Theresa Howard, receives the Silver Star Medal from the Commanding General, First Marine Division, Major General Edwin A. Pollock. Cpl. Howard, a forward observer for a 4.2 mortar company, was cited for “conspicuous gallantry” in the bitter hand-to-hand fighting for Bunker Hill. Defense Dept. Photo (Marine Corp) A168024

Did you know there are words to the song "Taps"?...Click Here!

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